Satu Mare

Thermal water springs

Thermal water springs
Ady Endre

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The North West area of Romania hosts numerous thermal, mineral and sulphur water springs extremely beneficial for the human body. In Satu Mare, Salaj, Bihor and Cluj you can spend a few moments of relaxation and recovery in one of the thermal waters resorts in the area.


With temperatures between 40 and 75 degrees Celsius, the thermal waters, rich in minerals, are indicated to treat dermatological, neurological, gynaecological or rheumatism conditions.


Baile Acas (Acas Baths) is located in Satu Mare and is an attractive area, ideal for balneal tourism. They have thermal water springs with 46 degrees Celsius temperature. The thermal waters from Baile Acas are beneficial for inflammatory and generative rheumatic diseases, post-traumatic disorders, neurological, nutritional and gynaecological conditions.


Turt Bai (Turt Baths) is a resort located at 20 kilometres from Satu Mare. The waters here contain chlorine, sulphur, calcium and magnesium and they are beneficial for rheumatic and gynaecological diseases.


At 15 kilometres from Carei there is located the Ady Endre village, the poet’s native village, where a memorial house can also be found. The tourists will also find here thermal water springs with a temperature of 72 degrees Celsius. Waters containing chlorine and sodium are indicated for rheumatic, endocrine and gynaecological diseases.


At 36 kilometres from the Satu Mare City, there is located Carei town which is also a balneal resort with mineral and thermal water springs. The thermal waters have a temperature of 52 degrees and contain chlorine, iodine, sodium, calcium and magnesium.


Baile Beltiug (Beltiug Baths) is located at 35 kilometres from Satu Mare and has thermal water springs with a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius. The waters contain oligominerals, sodium, calcium, magnesium and they are indicated for the treatment of rheumatic and gynaecological diseases.


Baile Boghis (Boghis Baths) are situated in Salaj County and have mineral and thermal water springs. The thermal waters have a temperature of 42 degrees Celsius and they are indicated to treat locomotor, neurological and gynaecology conditions.


Baile Baita (Baita Baths) is situated in Cluj County, at 43 kilometres from Cluj Napoca City. Here you can find thermal waters recommended for treating skin diseases, rheumatism, gynaecological or locomotion conditions.


Baile Felix (Felix Baths), located at 8 km from Oradea City, has thermal waters with a temperature of 49 degrees Celsius. The thermal waters from Baile Felix are rich in minerals and they are beneficial for treating gynaecological, rheumatic and neurological disorders.

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