Satu Mare

Vama (pottery centre)

Vama (pottery centre)

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Vama commune is located in the eastern part of Satu Mare County, about 45 miles from the county residence and only 5 kilometres from the Negresti Oas city.


The town is known for the ceramic objects made here. The name comes from the former customs which once existed in this area, where the taxes for shipments going to the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland were paid.


Although the local tradition claims that pottery was an almost ancestral occupation of the inhabitants in this area, yet historians have failed to find evidence to confirm this.


However, there is evidence about the formation of a major pottery centre at Vama since the second half of the nineteenth century.


Unfortunately, nowadays, in Vama we can find only one potter, Gheza Isvanfi is his name, an ethnic Hungarian employed by the Oas Country Museum of Negresti.


Since 1994, the Vama pottery has been produced only within the museum of Negresti, where for almost a decade there has also been a workshop-school so that the tradition should not be lost.


If you pass through Maramures and Country of Oas, you should not miss the opportunity to know the last man from an endangered species – the potters of Vama. Gheza Isvanfi is always open for those who want to learn the secret of pottery and to admire his creations.


The ceramic products realized at Vama are recognized as one of the best and the most beautiful on the territory of Romania.


The ceramic objects made at Vama can be used in the household, but also purely decorative. The vessels are usually decorated manually with geometric shapes, combined with vegetal and anthropomorphic representations.


Women are in charge of decorating the vessels, using a chromatic range based on white, yellow, green, red and black.


If you arrive in Vama, you should not exclude from your visit program the Ceramics Museum, where more than 500 pieces are exposed, some of them exceeding 300 years of age.The colours used in decorating vessels are natural, just like in the Dacian period.


The opening hours are between 09.00 and 17.00, except Saturday, when it is shortened to 14.00. Monday is closed.


Other tourist attractions in the town are the three churches: Catholic, Orthodox and Protestant or the cultural community centre.

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