Vacation / Travel Planning

If you want to organize a perfect vacation, first of all you have to establish the destination. One of the most recommended destinations is the North – West region of Romania. Whether you prefer the cities of Maramures, Cluj or Bihor they all offer different ways of relaxation and fun, the possibility of organizing a true dream holiday that will offer you the most beautiful memories. Museums, medieval fortresses or historical sites, all are waiting for you, along with a varied accommodation offer.

In Maramures, Baia Mare is the largest city of the county and one of those places where the old Romanian values blend with the modern urban, prepared for refined tastes. If you arrive in Baia Mare you should include the old centre of the city in your itinerary; its restoration was completed seven years ago and it appears before the visitors with over 20 medieval buildings realized ​​in Gothic style. During your journey, you can also visit the inn which is located in the old centre of the city (south-east wing). In terms of accommodation in Baia Mare you have many three star hotels options, but also four stars hotels, plus a number of guesthouses with an extremely rich offer in terms of facilities.

Oradea, the largest city of Bihor County, may be the ideal destination for those who want to organize a pleasant holiday. A special attraction is by far the palace in the area, that houses a cinema, cafes and restaurants. Also in Oradea you should see the “Assumption of Virgin Mary” Orthodox Cathedral and the city Fortress. Oradea is also famous for its extremely rich nightlife, supported by many terraces, cafes, restaurants and clubs that operate mainly in old buildings with great architecture. In Oradea there are no less than 20 hotels. In terms of culinary art, Oradea abounds in traditional restaurants, but also unusual places offering special menus with medieval culinary influences.

Once in Zalau, Salaj County it would be a shame not to make a trip through Apuseni, as the starting route is just a few kilometres away from the city. And if you find it tiring, then you can admire the wonderful landscape of the Zalau city situated at the foot of the Meses Mountains. Zalau offers four hotels and a motel, as well as numerous boarding houses and restaurants. The students are also welcome in Zalau, as the city benefits of two school camps.

If you decide to organize your vacation in Bistrita, you must know that many architectural monuments can be seen here, among which a complex, containing 13 buildings, built since the fifteenth century. In terms of accommodation, the city has multiple offerings in this segment. Bistrita restaurants are also varied in terms of menus and specificity.

Sangeorz-Bai is another city of Bistrita-Nasaud that could be the perfect place to spend a holiday if you want to escape from urban uproar. The balneoclimateric resort Sangeorz Bai welcomes the tourists with an offer of accommodation consisting of two hotels and several guesthouses.

Satu Mare is also waiting for you with many historical or religious monuments which should be visited by the tourists who have decided to spend their vacation in this beautiful city. Museums, historical monuments, such as the Firemen’s Tower or the Shoemakers’ Guild Building, but also the beautiful churches and the Satu Mare Cathedral have to be checked on a tourist’s map. Satu Mare has around 20 hotels for your accommodation, while for a nice meal you will certainly have plenty of choices, as the city is rich in restaurants and pizzerias.

Cluj seems to be the ideal place for the tourist curious to see as many important things as possible in a particular location. Including many historical buildings, religious settlements, old houses and noble mansions, palaces and museums, Cluj is appropriate for those who want an active holiday. Given such a rich cultural offer, the city has the capacity to receive its visitors with hospitality. Several hotels and guesthouses are waiting for you to spend your vacation in Cluj-Napoca. And if you get a craving for cabbage à la Cluj, you really need to choose one of the restaurants of the city serving this delicious specialty.