Outdoor activities

The towns of the North-West of Transylvania offer to the tourists many recreational areas and regions where water, land and air sports can be practiced. On summer time you can go hiking, on trips to the keys or caves, meanwhile, on winter time, you can go skiing or sleighing. One of the best developed sport activity is the fishing.


Maramures is known as one of the regions of Romania with the most beautiful natural landscapes. The region covered by mountains and hills is full of mountain rivers and a rich fauna of bears, stags and fishes.

One of the most significant tourist  objectives is the Natural Reservation Pietrosul Mare. Delta Dunarii and Pietrosul Mare are included in the Biosphere Reservations.

Who wants to spend a day outdoor can choose one of the Maramures itineraries, called in basis of the colours: Drumul Verde, Drumul Albastru, Drumul Rosu. For cycling there is a special track, through Tara Lapusului. If you choose this variant, you shall have the opportunity to discover authentic traditional regions, picturesque villages, passes, isolated monasteries and spectacular landscapes. For such a route, you go through a distance of  46 km.

The skiing fans can practice this sport during wintertime on the tracks of Baia Borsa, Izvoare, Cavnic, Suior of Mogosa. Still during the active  holidays, Maramures suggests a diversified range of sport activities. Here are some of them: rafting, rope crossing, ATV, canyoning, surviving, paragliding, climbing, zip line (tyrolean crossing), zorbing, rapel etc.


Bihor is rich in flora and fauna, and the fishing is one of the main outdoor activities. In Campia Crisurilor and Ierei there are fishing lakes in Inand, Cefa or Gepiu, where you can try the fishing rod. Also you can go on trips in Lunca Crisului Negru, where there are fishing but also hunting.

Still in Campia Crisurilor and Ierei, the nature fans have the opportunity to visit the natural reservation Poiana cu Narcise. In the Beius land, the tourists choose the Vida accumulation lake for the pleasure offered by this area. You can go out for a walk, practice many water sports, including fishing.

In Bihor, one the most important tourist objectives is the Apuseni Natural Park, characterised by a karst relief. The sport fans can practice here the speotourism, climbing, hiking or cycling. In winter time, the tourists visiting the Apuseni Natural Park practice skiing and enjoy the dog sledding.

Satu Mare

In the East of Satu Mare county there is the recreation base Apa, of the commune with the same name. The lake from here has been formed following the exploitation of the deposits from the ballast region. The tourist choose this destination the enjoy the beach and recreational activities on the lake side.

Other similar places you can find in the county in the Nujdeni tourist complex of the Orasul Nou, at the Iojib Ballast place of Mediesu Aurit, in the complex Albina-Hotca and the recreational complex Somes.


Cluj is proud of having many natural tourist attractions and recreational areas. Who wants to go for a walk in the nature, can choose a trip to Fagetul Clujului, a protected natural area, declared a monument of nature. The botanic reservation Fanatele Clujului or Baile Someseni are other places quite suitable to spend  a few hours from your free time in the nature.

For skating, bikes  and skateboard there is a Skate Park in the city. The water sports and fishing fans can choose one of the lakes nearby: the lake Dabaca, Fantanele Belis, Darvastaum Durgau and others. You can go hiking and  pay visits in the National Park Cheile Turzii, a protected natural reservation.

The resort Baisoara of the Apuseni Mountains is one of the vacation destinations preferred by the skiing fans. The mountain resorts makes available to the visitors two skiing tracks, for medium and advanced skiers and also cable transport (carriage back). You can practice cross-country skiing but also ski touring. In summertime you can go paragliding or you can go on one of the mountain routes.