Pigs slaughtering contest – February 4th, Turulung

A new edition of the pigs slaughtering contest from Satu Mare County will take place this year on February, 4th in Turulung city. The event attended by 37 teams of Transylvanian householders will reward the cooking skills for the best sausage and other pork dishes.

The pork dishes competition, which took place last year in Viile vilage, will start this year at 7 a.m. All the teams, consisting of 7-8 members, will prepare their stands in the first hour of the day, on Saturday, February, 4th 2012, to slaughter the pigs brought from their households or purchased from the organizers. Stunning the animals before slaughtering them will be mandatory.

The contest has tests consisting in preparing traditional pork dishes as pork with cabagge, sausages, ribs, rind and other recipes specific to Turulung area.

In 2011 the pigs slaughtering contest brought together the participation of 21 teams, 16 less than those programmed this year at Turulung. Organizers annouced that contestants will compete also for the preparation of the best brandy and mulled wine.

The trophy will be awarded to the team with the highest scored, given by the jury formed by the local and county officials, at each test. Last year`s top designated the team from Carei town as the winning team.