The North-West region of Transylvania houses some of the most spectacular recreation and balneoclimateric resorts. The mineral water springs, the saline lakes, but also the beautiful landscapes make the tourists from all over the country seek and appreciate these resorts. The tourists can choose from the numerous outdoor activities, sports, games, hiking and extreme sports such as, paragliding. The cold season is suitable for practicing winter sports in a wonderful natural environment.

In Maramures County you can find several recreation and balneoclimateric resorts, where you can follow treatments for various diseases. Borsa Resort is located at the foot of the Rodna Massive and is one of the most popular recreation and winter sports resorts in Romania. The resort has many ski slopes available and possesses the highest natural take-off springboard of over 90 meters. Many hotels, guesthouses and restaurants can also be found here, where tourists can taste dishes from Maramures. Borsa Resort is the starting point towards Rodna Mountains National Park, which shelters many protected flora and fauna species.

Izvoare (Springs) Resort is located 32 km from Baia Mare, on a volcanic platform and is suitable for recreation. In this resort however you can also practice winter sports, hiking, rafting on the rivers from Lapus Keys, hunting and fishing.

Ocna Sugatag Resort is located near the Vadu Izei town, within spectacular natural scenery with a wide panorama of Maramures Mountains. The resort has chlorine-sodium mineral waters recommended for the treatment of rheumatic diseases.

Mogosa Resort is located on the Bodi Lake shore, in a beautiful area, ideal for holidays. The resort has ski slopes and its own teleski facility. In the warm season there can be organized numerous hiking, paragliding and climbing activities. During the summer there is also open a swimming place.

In Salaj County, the resorts with mineral water springs are popular throughout the year by tourists from the country and from abroad. In Salaj County you can also find the resorts Catelu, Mesesenii de Sus and Zauan Bai. The tourists can benefit there of healing treatments with sulphurous and carbonated mineral waters and black mud.

Situated near Salaj Municipality, Baile Boghis resort is a balneoclimateric resort appreciated for its thermo-mineral waters. These thermal waters are recommended for the treatment of various locomotor, gynecological, rheumatic and digestive disorders.

The Bizusa Resort is known for its mineral springs recommended for treating many diseases. Tourists can also perform here sports such as paragliding or hiking. Baile Jibou Resort is located in Jibou city. It has curative baths recommended for the treatment of hepatobiliary, gastrointestinal or rheumatic diseases.

Bihor County is known for Izvorul Minunilor (Wonders Spring), a mineral water spring with numerous curative properties, but also for the Water Lily Lake (Lacul cu Nuferi) and the thermal mineral waters from Baile Felix. Stana de Vale Resort is known for Izvorul Minunilor (Wonders Spring). The mineral waters here are used to treat endocrine, respiratory and nervous conditions. In the cold season, the resort also has a ski slope and a sleighing one available.

The main attraction of Baile 1 Mai resort is the Water Lily Lake, a natural reservation including three rare species of water lilies. In this resort you can also find hot water springs used for treatment of rheumatic and gynaecological conditions. Treatments with sapropelic mud can also be performed here. Another attraction of the resort is the swimming place with waves, the first of its kind in Romania.

Baile Felix Resort is known for its chain of thermal-mineral water springs, which contain calcium, sodium and sulphur. These mineral waters are used to treat rheumatic, gynaecological and endocrine diseases. Among the attractions of the resort we can mention the swimming pool with thermal water and water lilies reservation.

In Bistrita Nasaud you can find resorts with thermal and mineral waters, but the tourists are also lured here by the beauty of the landscape, the clean air and various activities. The Piatra Fantanele resort lies at the foot of Calimani Mountains, being ideal for practicing winter sports. The resort has ski and chairlift slopes. Sangeorz Bai resort has thermal and mineral waters known for healthy properties. The waters of this resort together with the mineral mud are used to treat digestive diseases, respiratory and rheumatic conditions.

Colibita resort is known especially for Colibita dam. This resort is ideal for rest and relaxation. It is suitable for walking and cycling, and enthusiasts for sensational activities can practice climbing and kayak rides.

The resorts from Satu Mare County are famous for the carbonated mineral waters, used to treat many diseases. In Satu Mare County you can also find the resorts Acas, Valea Mariei (Mary’s Valley) and Bixad Mineral Springs, popular for its mineral waters with bicarbonate, sodium-chloride, carbonated, sodium, calcium and magnesium.

Tasnad Resort has geothermal springs used externally to treat rheumatic and dermatological conditions. This resort is ideal for rest and relaxation. The lakes in this area are suitable for water sports and fishing.

Baile Puturoasa Resort is known for its sulphurous mineral water springs used for treating rheumatic and gynaecological diseases. It is located on a former volcano crater which emanates hydrogen sulphide.

Cluj County can also boast about a few balneoclimateric and recreation resorts, popular for their spectacular natural landscapes. Baile Sarate din Turda (Salt Baths of Turda) Resort is known for its antroposalted lakes used to treat many diseases. The most important lakes of this resort are Tarzan Lake, Roman Lake and Privighetorii (Nightingale) Lake. A Zoological Garden is arranged near the resort for the interested visitors.

Baile Cojocna Resort is 18 km away from Cluj. It has many salt lakes, with therapeutic and curative properties. Various rheumatic, gynaecological and endocrine conditions are treated here.

Belis Fantanele Resort is an ideal resort for rest and relaxation, away from the bustle of big cities. It is situated at 1350 meters altitude and 80 kilometres from Cluj. The main attractions are the ruins of the former resort village, flooded by the Fantanele water storage dam. When the water level decreases, these ruins are visible.

Baisoara Resort is suitable for relaxation, being a much sought tourist area in Transylvania. Here you can practice many mountain summer and winter sports, such as skiing and cycling. The sensational activities lovers can try paragliding, more peaceful ones there are numerous mountain hiking trails.