When you plan to visit Romania, the north-west area of the country is certainly part of the plan. Maramures, Bihor, Salaj, Satu Mare or Cluj are just some of the locations that will impress you due to their beauty, culture and tourist attractions. Besides, these areas will greet you with several routes that anyone can follow, visually absorbing the beauty of the places.

Routes to follow in Maramures

In order to get to Ignis – Gutai, you have to travel on foot, a distance of 5 km. If you cannot cope with such a distance, there are many wonderful things you can see even on a route of only 1-2 kilometres. The starting point is Baia Mare, to the West, and at an altitude of 615 m, you will reach the Lunciu Peak. After about 400 meters, you will see Vacarului Peak and at an altitude of 1220 meters, you will reach the Tiganu Peak.

If you choose a route through the Rodna Mountains, you have the Pietrosu Peak route as an option. You start going South on the Dragos Stream Valley, towards the Purcaretu Peak which is at an altitude of 900 m. Next you will go through the Gropii Valley, Rebra Peak, Buhaescu Mare and Pietrosul Peak (2303 metres altitude).

Another route, shorter and less complicated is the one towards the Maramures Mountains. To the North-East you pass through Intre Maguri Peak (1222 meters altitude), Adancati Hill and then Viseu de Sus Hill.

Routes to follow in Bihor

An absolutely wonderful route of Bihor is the one towards Sighistel Keys. Here, the starting point is the Sighistel village. You need to follow the course of the river with the same name, towards Fata Pietrii, Piatra Lunga, Fata Plaiului hills. From Sighistel Keys you can go on to various caves such as: Cornii Hill, Calului, Gaura Fetii, Magura or Caliboaia.

If you’re more tempted by the Crisul Repede River, you can choose the route that starts from the Astileu commune towards Padurea Craiului Mountains and then on the Crisul Repede River course. Further on, you will reach Vad-Borod Depression and the Pusta Calatea Cave.

Routes to follow in Salaj

Salaj is one of the areas with many tourist routes. For example, one of the most beautiful routes is towards Meses Mountains. To the South-East you go to Magura Stanii (at 716 meters altitude) and then to Popasul Romanilor.

To the North-East you will find Ortelecului springs and further on Moigrad and Moigrad Magura. The route is quite easy, considering it’s only half a kilometre.

Also, from the Somes Valley towards the Somes River, you will find the 1733 Church, a Transylvanian Baroque Castle dating from 1779 (Wesselényi Castle) and the Beldy Castle.

Routes to follow in Bistrita Nasaud

When you get in Bistrita Nasaud, you should not miss the Caliman-Bargau Mountains routes. You have the option of going towards South-East, on Bistrita River towards Colbul Spring, Ciungetul Peak and Negoiul Unguresc Peak.

On the South-West direction you can pass through Toma Glade, reaching Gisa Mare Peak. On the North-East direction you will follow the Fagetul Mare route, Poader Meadow and Cornul Peak, which lies at an altitude of 1502 meters. If you go to the East, you will meet Izvorul lung (Long Spring), Blaja Peak and Dalbidanul Peak.

Routes to follow in Satu Mare

A very nice route from Satu Mare is the one towards Ignis – Gutai Mountains. If you choose to go to the East, you will pass through the Valea Alba (White Valley), Izvalul lui Mois and you will get to Buiana Peak, located at an altitude of 1064 meters.

Also, the route to Negresti Oas is truly impressive, especially as you will get to the heart of the ethnographic and folkloric area of Oas. Here you will find an outdoor ethnic museum, founded in 1964. Also, here you will find beautiful church “Nativity of the Virgin Mary”, built in 1847.

Routes to follow in Cluj

Cluj is known for its routes towards Trascau Mountains. To the West, you will pass over the Pordei River (also known as the “Lord Road” and then you will get to Hodinid Peak. The distance to be traveled is quite small, quickly reaching to the top after only 450 meters.

Also, if you want to go in the Apuseni Mountains National Park, you have to go through Magura Calatele Massive, Chicera Negrului and La Capul Dealului, which is located at an altitude of 1310 meters. Furthermore, you will get to Piatra Fulgerata and then to the Somesul Cald River.