Seasonal events

In major cities of the north-west region of Romania several events take place reflecting the Transylvanian people’s concern for art and culture, whether they are dedicated to modern arts activities, or to the traditional events which ensure the continuity of ancient traditions.

At Baia Mare in late September and early October there takes place an event that has become a symbol for the largest city in Maramures: the Chestnuts Celebration.

Sighetu Marmatiei is the second most important city of Maramures and the place where major events take place. One of them is the International Competition of Instrumental Performance and Visual Arts that brings together young and talented artists in music, painting and drawing. In Sighet, in September the most important celebration of the city also takes place – the City Days - days when people can enjoy concerts, various fairs, dance shows and exhibitions. The International Festival of Poetry occurs in Sighetu Marmatiei in October and brings together a series of cultural events including book releases and folk events. Last but not least, in winter the Marmatia Winter Traditions Festival takes place, with a tradition of over 40 years, presenting the most beautiful winter traditions of Maramures.

In Oradea, the Capital City of Bihor County, there are held a lot of special cultural and artistic events. Among them we can mention Premfoto” the Biennale of Photographic Art (international event) being held in early September. Also in September, but in the second half of the month, the Short Theatre Festival is held. The spiritual life is not forgotten either: in December a Festival of Sacred Music takes place there.

In Zalau, the Residence City of Salaj County, towards the late September Muse Fest is organized, an event characterized by a rare complexity dedicated exclusively to arts, due to the fact that it brings together classical and digital art, jazz and choral sounds. Cineforum is another important event organized in Zalau and as the name suggests, it is related to moving image art. At Cineforum there are projected both Romanian and foreign films. We must not omit the Citadel Days either; it is a moment characterized by remembering the history of the region and of Zalau roots. However on the same occasion there are also held various competitions, folk music, classical and modern music concerts, and various exhibitions among which the traditional costumes parade.

The Bistrita Celebrations is undoubtedly one of the most important events taking place in the main city of Bistrita-Nasaud County. The Bistrita – Past and Present” Documentary Film Festival is another special cultural event that takes place in September. Moreover, every year, in Bistrita two great significant cultural events are held: Gala of the Cultural County Centre Awards, but also the Conferences of the same institution, events where important names of the cultural, scientific and artistic life are invited. Another event held in Bistrita is also the International Festival of the Fanfares, a unique opportunity to see live original performances of each instrumental group.

The Satu Mare Musical Days takes place, as you can imagine, in Satu Mare, the largest city in the county with the same name. The event covers a period of almost three weeks, from late September until around the 20th October. The event consists of a series of noble music concerts given by “Dinu Lipati” State Philharmonic.

In the same Satu Mare is held annually an international multicultural festival called “Fara Bariere” (“No Barriers”), suggesting the public a unique combination of arts including mime, photographic art, music, dance, theatre, film (short-reel film), book releases, plastic arts, but also folk traditions.

Cluj awaits you in the second half of September for the opening of the theatrical season 2011 – 2012 at the National Theatre. Moreover, the cultural institution brings before the theatre lovers the event “Priority Romania!” – a festival that aims promoting the international dialogue through theatre, but also shaping international cultural initiatives and collaborations. We must not forget TIFF either (the Cluj Transylvania International Film Festival) which was recognized worldwide this year, being accredited by the International Federation of Film Producers Associations.