The Wedding Parade on Bargau Valley in Bistrita Nasaud

Every year in February, in Bistrita Nasaud on Bargau Valley takes place the traditional celebration “The Wedding Parade”. This folkloric event is dedicated to wedding customs in this area and takes place in Tiha Bargaului and Josenii Bargaului towns.

The first edition of The Wedding Parade took place in 1987. Before celebrating Dragobete holiday, locals from Bargau Valley celebrate different wedding customs with horse riders, national costumes and traditional songs.

During the Wedding Parade are presented different habits that are found in the wedding ceremony in Bargau Valley. Thus, those who participate at this event can witness habits such as asking the bride`s hand, traditional sayings and songs for the bride and groom, the dance of the bride, the chicken or the shirt habit.

The Wedding Parade takes place every winter, in February, by rotation in each village in the area.